Running Clarion program exe from JAVA

I am new to Clarion so her goes…
I need to start and run a Clarion exe from a JAVA application. I’ve tried using JAVA ProcessBuilder and can locate the exe but I need to pass three parameters to the program and that’s where I’m having trouble.
Anyone had any luck with this?

You can use COMMAND in Clarion to get passed parameters

Thanks for the hint. However I’m stuck at an earlier step.
Let me rephrase the issue.
I need to get the passed parameters TO the Clarion app so that it can read them.
This is the Java code I’m attempting to use:

String cmd = {"//directory/exe/clarionApp.exe",“99996”, “AUTO”, “abc”};

The code is touching the program, it is erroring out with a message because it’s not getting the three parameters. I’ve tried creating a connection string with the program name along with the concatenated parameters for example (//directory/exe/clarionApp.exe&99996&AUTO&abc) and other combinations, but I then get a “Can’t find file” error.

Any suggestions on what the connection string should look like to allow clarion to parse the parameters?

No idea if this works.

Don’t you need to put spaces between exe name and parameters?
How is command processed on Clarion side?

Thanks, Rick. That’s actually where I got the idea that I could do this.
And alas, it doesn’t appear to work-at least for me. I’m also not real clear on how Clarion interprets the string.

That is one of the issues. I’m only marginally familiar with Clarion. There are a couple of Clarion programs that call this particular program and it appears to use a connection string with the parameters separated by the ampersand.

if it expects one string as a command with parameters separated by ampersand I would try
String cmd = {"//directory/exe/clarionApp.exe",“99996&AUTO&abc”};