Running Total on browse: Steffen Rasmussen

Does anyone have this template ?


You could accomplish this by defining a local variable (Loc:RunningTotal) and placing it in the browse. Then, clear it in the ResetFromView embed point (Priority 1000) and add to it in the SetQueueRecord embed point (Before Parent Call).

(the above is for ABC)

That should work in theory :slight_smile:



You could try my example app. There’s no template, and it probably would not be suitable for millions of records. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for that Jeff

Just one question. I need to add a running total for volume as well as mass where volume is RT mass / Total SG. (both in the browse queue)

Were do I put the formula so that the values do not change on ‘take new selection’ or ‘reset from ask’. (as per example below)



I think you would need a file loaded browse, page loaded would be considerably more work.
Then set the total variables to 0 in thiswindow.reset and increment them in brw?.SetQueueRecord.

I think that would work anyway.

If you’re using SQL you also create a view that does it all for you.

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