Select Procedure Type window goes (Not Responding) when adding a TODO procedure

As shown above in 11.0.13505 when I double click on a TODO procedure the Select Procedure Type window opens then goes (Not Responding) without displaying anything in the Wizards list. I have to End Task on Clarion.exe. Surprisingly clicking the New Procedure button works fine showing the window, then I just have to adjust my tree.

I have been using this machine with C11 for 2+ years without this problem.

I tried deleting my Registry.TRF and re-registered all templates but that didn’t fix it.

I see the same problem in Clarion 10 which I have not used for 2 years. I loaded the same C10 APP (that had not be been touched in 2 years) and created a TODO procedure. Double click on that goes (Not Responding) the same way. So it’s something Clarion IDE related.

I thought about making the roundtrip of APP to TXA to APP. Since i am seeing it in most all APPs I did not think that would do anything but I will try it.

Has anyone seen this?

Maybe there is a .Net deadlock tool that might show something blocking?

My Select Procedure window just has CPCS in the Wizards


Bruce suggests trying

Check the %AppData% \Softvelocity\Clarion\11.0 folder for odd large files. Rename to start empty.
Try running with /ConfigDir gets all new Settings folder
Try Reset IDE but then you may lose settings.
UnRegister any Non-Clarion Wizards, so for me CPCS. But C10 had not been touched for 2 years and has same problem.