Signature and photos on AnyScreen, possible?

Hi all,

A client has asked me about the possibilities of a receipts application. This application is going to be used by forklift drivers. So the device used must be quite robust.

The application must be able to do a few special things:

  1. Signature input: It must be possible to put signature on the screen for receipt approval. Once signed this signature must be stored on the server together with the details of the receipt.
  2. Photos: Photographs must be taken with it and then these must also stored on the server or as BLOB in the database. So just taking a picture with a separate photo app is not the intention because then the pictures have to be uploaded manually by the driver.

Both of these requirements are probably impossible for a Windows machine. We are therefore considering AnyScreen. I am aware that AnyScreen doesn’t work with COM objects but is it possible to call native object on a mobile device? I understand that this will limit the number of divices that can be used, but that is fine. As long as it works on Android tablets we are good

Can what my client is asking for be done with AnyScreen? And if so what do we need to do?

… are there robust Windows tablets that could do this? So with a touch screen for the signatures and a build in camera .

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Hi Koen,
Have you considered a nettalk application. I recall Bruce doing a mobile app demo in last dev con.
Nettalk example have some signature input that you can have a look at.

Hope this helps

Hi Tuz,

Actually we did. Do understand you correct you are talking on Nettalk Apps? Good to know that signature input can be done with Nettalk. Any ideas if such an app can also manage photos?

Yes it can do photos as well.