Strange Runtime error after procedure execution

I have converted our code suite from Clarion 6.3 to Clarion 10. Everything seems to work after the conversion with the exception of our production scheduling app - and, it actually does everything it’s supposed to do; but, when it exits a procedure, it is getting a runtime error with no information about the reason. Of course, the application crashes afterward. I have put numerous debug strings in the procedure , hoping to isolate the problem. In the ProcedureReturn subroutine, the following lines (with the exception of the DebugString) are template generated:

  ! End of "After Closing the Window"
  Do UnBindFields
  ! Start of "End of Procedure
  ! [Priority 5000]
    DebugString('SCH2.brwTmpPSCounts.ProcedureReturn: After UnbindFields')
  ! End of "End of Procedure"
  IF LocalResponse
    GlobalResponse = LocalResponse
    GlobalResponse = RequestCancelled

The debug string executes and then it throws the runtime error. I thought perhaps the POPBIND might be causing the issue so I put the return immediately after the DebugString - it still GPF’s. I have added a stop immediately after the return to the calling of this procedure and it never makes it back to the calling procedure.

Any thoughts???

This one really has me stumped…

Did you try compiling in debug mode and using the debug ClaRun.DLL?

You can often get a useful amount of information from the resulting crash report.