SV Bug Reports & Fixes - A System that Does NOT Work

I know I will never have influence on SV, but I am sure I am not the only one who believes the bug report/fix process is absolute crap.

I dutifully reported AnyScreen bugs back in July & Aug. Comments from Daniel Pavlic indicated they were fixed in Sept in the 1.2.2+ builds. Six months later, we finally get a new AnyScreen build within the IDE and… yes, some improvement, but many of the same bugs remain.

What the hell does one have to do? Clearly, the SV process is a failure and I certainly do not blame the AnyScreen developers. One offers follow-up help on a PTSS but hears nothing. Almost as if offering a starving & stranded person a life saving meal and it gets turned down because it is not vegan.


Any explanation that would help SV with a fix or a good work around for me would be appreciated.
Attached simple example shows failure of using Tab to accept field entry values in AnyScreen.
Run as desktop and then under AnyScreen with the following steps:

  1. Enter value in first field
  2. Use Tab to accept and move to next field
  3. Enter price
  4. Use Tab to accept and move to next field
  5. Notice that price reverts to zero (2.1 KB)

Another example of using Tab to accept a field value with AnyScreen. A simple app using ABC file drop combo template. Run as desktop and then under AnyScreen with the following steps:

  1. In first combo, enter C, D, L, or O and allow auto complete for field
  2. Use Tab to move to next combo field
  3. Under AnyScreen, queue of students will not be filled as the values are based on selection in first combo.

Looking for an AnyScreen work around or better explanation to help SV get it fixed. (43.4 KB)

AnyScreenTotal - entry fields revert to zero when $ is used to format data entry (@$9.2).

Shouldn’t it be @ N~$~12.2?

Thought for sure this suggestion would be good as a workaround, but unfortunately not.
A numeric entry still reverts to zero when tab is used to select the next field.

How difficult is it to add the latest IDE version and AnyScreen version as choices for a PTSS?