Tab Order Pane - Is there a hidden Expand All and Contract All key function?

So got a window with a lot of controls on it and using the Tab Order pane (F9) to shuffle the order of controls around on screen.

I know I can click on the arrow to expand or contract groups/sheets/tabs of controls, but when there are lots of groups, tabs and sheets, having something like Contract All and Expand All would be nice, so does something like that functionality exist as a key press because I cant see any button for it in the pane?


Buttons are on the toolbar


They dont exist in my version C11.0.13244 unless something in ClarionProperties.xml has been changed… Cant see anything in the xml to suggest an option linked to these missing buttons.


tab order

So this is a long shot and might not be connected but in application.xml there is

<Content ID="21" PersistString="SoftVelocity.FormDesigner.TabOrderAssistantPad" AutoHidePortion="0.25" IsHidden="False" IsFloat="False" />

and later on there is

<Pane ID="9" DockState="DockLeft" ActiveContent="21">
      <Contents Count="6">
        <Content ID="0" RefID="2" />
        <Content ID="1" RefID="1" />
        <Content ID="2" RefID="21" />
        <Content ID="3" RefID="20" />
        <Content ID="4" RefID="19" />
        <Content ID="5" RefID="17" />

I’m wondering if the <Pane ID=“9” is referring to the tab order pad and if it does, I’m wondering if the RefID are referring to button controls. Anyone know?

SV adds features each release, I doubt there are many hidden that can be added with XML.

I know I have requested Expand/Contract before on several windows. I know I requested the Popup on the TOA and SV added it. Right click and see if you have it?


I looked at a few ReadMe’s and see:

*/--- Clarion 11.11.13371  Feb 6, 2019 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features--/

FEATURE: Tab Order Assistant: added Expand All and Contract All buttons

*/--- Clarion 11.13401  March 19, 2019 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features--/

FEATURE: Added Expands and Contract buttons to the PropertyGrid (next to the locator) 

Upgrade to a newer release, 13505 is what I use for most work. Will get to 11.1 soon.

I’ve tried right clicking, expanding the pad, detaching the pad incase there is that little down arrow which can sometimes add stuff to pads, there doesnt seem to be anything.

My emails to SV have gone unanswered, I had to call last time to place an order for the EE CSP, nothing seems to work and not just with SV websites, but other websites as well.

Personally I think its the spooks doing this having met the last 2 retired heads of MI5 and one retired head of SIS. Never speak out against the Queen online! I’m sure I’ll get carted off again to the mental hospital due to mental health reasons.

I don’t understand any of that. I’ve used C8, C9, C10, C11 every day for years.

Features get added. You’re running 13244. The ReadMe says the buttons were added in 13371.

It’s simple math IF 13244 < 13371 THEN Message('You don''t have the buttons, unless you upgrade to 13371+') so you’ll see the message.

Here’s an alternative suggestion, Rich … rearrange the controls manually;

  • Open Procedure Properties
  • Click on the ellipses (3 dots) to the right of the “Window” button - on far right.
  • Take a copy - - JIC you need to revert
  • Shuffle as required … just being sure to keep all lines related a specific control together.
  • If you make any fatal mistakes, you’ll be alerted when you attempt to save the result.

HTH - John Morter

Yeah that might work, I tended to avoid messing with it even in C6 but I’ll give it a go, thanks!