Threading understanding

Hi I have an issue with threading which I am sure is my understanding. C10 abc


Master app editing a record myfile

If I set a field as below
Abc:fieldname in the app is set to ,1234,
All is good and the record is saved when ok pressed.

The master app however calls a procedure
Loc:ret = subproceedure()

This is a simple window with myfile set in the other tables. Editing the same table (one or 2 fields)

Within in the sub app. The myfile record is shown as it was in the main app

Ie; Abc:fieldname is,1234,

But if I edit abc:fieldname in the sub procedure the changes are not implemented or passed to the main app when I shut the sub procedure window.

Is this to do with the call / thread ?

What is the best way of ensuring changes are passed back to the main form ?

I don’t believe this is related to threading. In your sample code you have loc:ret = subprocedure(). This is not starting a new thread.
The ABC file manager is restoring the record buffer for the table when the file is closed in the subprocedure.
Add this line in your subprocedure after the files are opened.


This tells the file manager that you want to record buffer for the table to be left as it is for the calling procedure to use.

Thanks your right… of course lol

I worked this out by taking the file out of the other files grouo from the abc setting in the sub app.

So the file is not being opened or closed by the sub app.

I will use your solution for sure as well. Thankyou.