TOANSI(string, codepage)


Clarions Reference Manual refers to UTF8 and related String functions like TOANSI() and TOUNICODE().
But none of them seems to exist.
Search all over every INC and all other files in the clarion-installation does’nt find anything about it.

Any idea?

I am working on an API-Generator to generate WordPress-Plugins from Clarion Programs, so you can access the database on a website.

best regards


Coming in a future release.

Hi Mike, thank you for your response.

Now i did it myself and created two functions
(I could not find the function in Clarion and it seems, i am in faster programming it than searching in the Docs :wink:

If someone is interestet, i will provide them via github or in this forum.

best regards


Actually there are dozens of such implementations around.

Posting them here can be interesting to see how others code things in Clarion.

that’s true - it is always good to see how other people do things but in the case of ascii to unicode and vice versa, most implementations I have seen (including in StringTheory) are just wrappers around the included WinAPI functions. This is of course a good thing as they are likely to be efficient and well tested.