Unexpected changed ODBC behaviour

It appears the the recent update and the new
FEATURE: Add support for OPT attribute on SQL based keys

Has a side effect.

IF the code:
Dummy{prop:SQL}=‘Select str from table where…’

Returns NULL then the current buffer is not cleared.
Previously the buffer was cleared and so I would get a ‘’

Not sure if this is a bug or not.

Hmmm. Interesting.
With the release, I have some Memory tables that fill only with a single record rather than the small number expected. All these tables use an SQL query similar to your code. My first guess was that the memory driver needed to be updated but this seems to hold another possibility.
Wondering how to test?

In my case Dummy has a primary key with the Exclude Empty values checked on. ie the OPT attribute. Unchecking fixes it.

Thought this might do the trick and solve my GPF and limited records retrieved problems with v13505,
Unfortunately, that seems not to be the case so far. Oh well, would not be an enjoyable task to uncheck OPT for 200+ tables either.