Unresolved External [email protected] in proba001.obj

Hi all, im new on Clarion and im trying to learn Clarion 10. I have a situation and i wonder if anyone can help. I’m developing a simple application for making a new directory from one to another number. I’m getting the error above in the title. Thank’s

To add this function to your existing applications, you need only include the CWUTIL.INC file in the Global Map section of your program:

(from Clarion Help)

Thanks but i did that, i found that resolution in the Clarion Help too but the problem persist. Thanks anyway.

If you look at the bottom of CWUTIL.INC, you’ll see this:

COMPILE('Link', _ABCLinkMode_)

so to link CreateDirectory (and other procedures from CWUTIL) you must set “_ABCLinkMode_” project equate. This can be done thru Project->Project Options menu item, see the picture.