Using drop list eip field, list is not getting filled

I would like to have a drop down in the edit-in-place browse. My notes from version 6 aren’t working. The help is no help, or I am not finding the right section.
I have created a queue and populated from the file. I have checked and the queue is getting data.
On the edit-in-place screen, I chose
Type: DropList,
From: UQ:Desc (from the queue I defined)
Drop: 10
Those are the 3 changes I made.
In the list box I used the field from the file that I want to fill.

Now I have the screen displayed. When I click the field with the drop down, the list is empty.

I am missing a step somewhere to connect the list with the dropdown.

Thanks inadvance.

There is an example app that uses a droplist, in the “How To ABC\EIP” section of the examples.

So far as I can tell, all you have to do is fill the droplist Q, and format the drop list. If I click on the button indicated Clarion crashes, so maybe don’t click on that??

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thanks. so I found the example and near as I can tell did all the steps. Now I have the drop down showing up with the items, although only about 3 letters worth. And the selection is not being saved. Still working on figuring that out.

Figured it out. In the Column Specific screen under the More Field Assignments, I set the field=q:field and now it works as expected.