Using older 3rd Party Templates?

I have a bunch of older Legacy templates from my C5/6 days and am wondering if they would work in C8, again in Legacy mode.

Seems like it should …

It depends on whether those templates use looser syntax than the tightened up C8 supports. There might need to be some updates made.

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If it is only Clarion code and no .lib files or Clarion compiled DLL’s then probably yes. Although the templates might need some adjustments on both the template language and the Clarion code. I would say try it. If get compile errors you need to modify the templates

But If the third party still exits it might be better to get an update on the template.

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You try each Template and see how and if it works. The best way to test is with a small sample or demo app that just uses that one template. Many templates comes with demo apps, that’s an easy way to start testing.

  • Do the Template screens look ok, and match C5.
  • Are there Orphaned Embeds.
  • Does the generated code match up well between C5 and C11. The main point is to generate code so this it the key thing. That is where having a small demo makes this easier to check.

The Clarion Sharp Blog covered the creation of Clarion 7, 8, 9 … 11. I suggest reading it from start to finish. It discusses changes in the way the Template system works and some issues to deal with… Here are a few links.

Template Tips #3#ATEND vs #AT(%AfterGeneratedApplication)

Clarion 7 Started the new IDE. Read this forward: