WooCommerce API and Clarion

Does anybody have any experience with WooCommerce API?

I’m mostly intrested in code (snippets) to synchronize internal products in the internal db with the WooCommerce environment via Clarion. I also want to specifiy “related products” somehow.

Don’t mind buying code to get a head start


Not done anything with this personally, but looking at the “SDK” info:
Installed Database Tables - WooCommerce
Database Description · woocommerce/woocommerce Wiki · GitHub
Introduction – WooCommerce REST API Documentation - WP REST API v3
I think @noyantis has a curl addon Chilkat – noyantis which might work for you, and I think @Mike_Duglas also has a libcurl library GitHub - mikeduglas/libcurl: libcurl for Clarion

Give everyone here an indication of what sort of dollar you want to spend, contractual constraints and you might find some code becomes available.

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Hi Ton,

As Richard as pointed out, we have a wrapper template for the Chilkat Communications library, this also has an online utility that allows you to post CURL commands to it, and it informs you what code to write.

But… what might be of interest to you is we are currently adding a WooCommerce dedicated Task Class to our Chilkat wrapper template - this will be automatically included in future updates of our product.

An example of the current offering is available via our web site - https://noyantis.com/product/chilkat/

Any questions, feel free to email / call or pop in to the Monday / Wednesday webinars.



Hi Ton. We finish now a project that sync products of a tps file with Woocommerce products. We use NetTalk for this. Feel fre to contact with me fro any help.

Hi Ton,
We had recently a DevCon (Developers congres) in Argentina and one of the meetings was about woocommerce. They present a templalte to solve all the thing. You can findit following this link: http://templatesclarion.com/productos/woocommerce-manager/
I hope this help you.