I’m a musician who is creating software application since 1987 and with Clarion 1989 (from CPD 2.1 to Clarion11).

I want to mention some of the amazing third party tools that help to understand and empowering me tremendously to develop applications in Clarion for many years. A brief description, one of them a DOS network and stand alone management applications with remote access doing daily data synchronization, that was used by all employees. It was developed between 1989 and 2003. I still personally use this DOS application every day under a Macbook pro Parallel virtual machine with Windows 7 32 bit and now on an HP Laptop with the Hyper-V virtual machine Windows 10 32 bit. About Windows applications, it was to develop a point of sales, payroll management, class objects and templates for Windows.

I want to mention a few of these amazing tools and resources as an acknowledgment to their contribution to my journey with this interesting language for which was as well is still very powerful and useful. The Clarion Tech Journal and later Clarion Magazine, their contributors; Working with Clarion by Gary Liming; Programming in Clarion’s ABC by Bruce Johnson; Clarion Tips & Techniques and Clarion Databases & SQL edited by David Harms; Programming Objects in Clarion by Russell B. Eggen; Clarion Algorithms volume 1 & 2 by Alison Neal; were great resources to my knowledge of the language.

The followings was extensively used for CPD 2.1; LPM from Logix Development Corporation, Power Windows from Toolcraft, Data Modeller from Peabrain, Text Editor-extension Memo3 Plus & SuperMemo from Eckenroed & Bobcat respectively, RTLink from Pocket soft, Causeway Linker from Devore to access the DOS limitation memory above one Meg without overlaying the procedures and many more.

The followings was the most used for Windows even more templates from Capesoft, Boxsoft, Clarion Handy Tools, RPM Reports, Fomin Report Tool, Dictionary Enhancement Tookit from Moseley; Power browses from Toolcraft until his termination, TX Control and so forth.

A creative journey that has kept on going ever since, and I hope for some more years ahead.

While developing and working on your new ideas, you may listen to the first album of my music. They are all original instrumental works available on all streaming platforms.