30xx Error in brieve using Clarion 11 and Actian PSQL v13

Hello everyone

I built a large system on C11 using the btrieve driver (psql v13) and it randomly stops with the following errors
3012, 3013 and 3014
I have looked in many articles and they say the same thing, it is a network problem, but neither btrieve nor the Windows registry detect the error.

Have you had the same problem?

Thanks in advance

Hello @Gustavo_De_Gregorio
Usually error 3012 in PSQL means a connectivity error. Is this setup a Server/Client configuration or is just running in a Workgroup config.

Keep in mind that, is all the PCs has Workgroup edition, is going to be prone to that type of errors.

If it is client/server configuration, you can check the Local Engine to auto reconnect. Sometimes it helps. It needs to be set in both client and server in this case. To enable you need to restart the PSQL service.


Tell me more about the network configuration you have to see if I can suggest more things based on my experiences with PSQL.