7zip is a cheap DLL deconstructor

Accidentally discovered that if you double click on a DLL within 7zip, you get a cheap version of a PE Explorer.

You can get at the resources, certificate, and whatever else you can get to :slight_smile:


It doesn’t have to be inside a zip file. 7Zip just treats executables like folders.


It also works on OCXs and 64 bit stuff

Cool, but limited … unless double clicking on the parts shows more?

There are multiple PE Format file Viewer / Explorer / Tools / Editors that show much more information. Some are free. I sometimes want to see the NT Header records, Imports and Exports.

Here are a few I found searching:

$70 license - http://www.pe-explorer.com/

PEView is one I have and use. EXE is only 66 KB.

Below is capture of AllFiles.DLL from DLL Tutor

The Exports of Updates.DLL:

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Yeah, it’s limited. But I’ll use it for getting resources/images because in some ways it’s easier than firing up PE Explorer PE Explorer: PE Editor, EXE File Editor Tool, DLL Reader, Disassembler, Delphi Resource EXE DLL Editing Software.

In addition to your suggestions, a dev I follow on Mastodon has this app, as well. GitHub - hasherezade/pe-bear: Portable Executable reversing tool with a friendly GUI

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