A guy with a contract job

A fellow I know from Facebook is looking for someone to build him an app. He’s never done anything of this sort before.

Here is the info that he sent me:
Programmer Needed for Numerology Name Generator

I am currently using this “Word Value” and “Word from Value” Calculator at this page:

Value of a Word Calculator

What it does is:

  1. Converts words to numbers based on “A=1, B=2, C=3, etc…” and then adds up the sum of it.
    Hence the word “CAT” = 3+1+20 = 24

  2. Converts numbers to words by doing the reverse.
    Hence the numbers 24 = CAT

I found out that it is using word sources from public sources such as
Wordnet at Princeton

Unfortunately it is now being limited to 250 results.

I’m looking for a programmer who can duplicate this tool.

Currently it is for my own use. Unless I decide to make it into a product in future.

I would like it to be an online program hosted on my own site just like the one in the website I mentioned above
My take:
Essentially, he wants the functionality of this site:
Value of a Word

His Contact Info
My address is 222 Westwood Avenue #09-09 Singapore. Phone number +658-468-1489. Email [email protected]. Website www.MindReality.com

Note: I do not know him personally, and cannot vouch for him.

I assume Only valid words else L is the 12th letter !2+12=24 or LL

I’ve got no more info than this. You’d have to reach out to him.

As I looked at the problem myself, the idea of that 250-word max on the points-to-words issue actually sounds necessary. Imagine if you had a very high number such as 130. How many words might add up to precisely 130 points?

Sounds like a great application for IBM Watson.

LOL - Not really.

Update: The person who reached out to me is still looking. My feeling is that he does not really know what he wants, what it should cost, or what he is willing to spend.