A guy with a contract job

A fellow I know from Facebook is looking for someone to build him an app. He’s never done anything of this sort before.

Here is the info that he sent me:
Programmer Needed for Numerology Name Generator

I am currently using this “Word Value” and “Word from Value” Calculator at this page:

Value of a Word Calculator

What it does is:

  1. Converts words to numbers based on “A=1, B=2, C=3, etc…” and then adds up the sum of it.
    Hence the word “CAT” = 3+1+20 = 24

  2. Converts numbers to words by doing the reverse.
    Hence the numbers 24 = CAT

I found out that it is using word sources from public sources such as
Wordnet at Princeton

Unfortunately it is now being limited to 250 results.

I’m looking for a programmer who can duplicate this tool.

Currently it is for my own use. Unless I decide to make it into a product in future.

I would like it to be an online program hosted on my own site just like the one in the website I mentioned above
My take:
Essentially, he wants the functionality of this site:
Value of a Word

His Contact Info
My address is 222 Westwood Avenue #09-09 Singapore. Phone number +658-468-1489. Email [email protected]. Website www.MindReality.com

Note: I do not know him personally, and cannot vouch for him.

I assume Only valid words else L is the 12th letter !2+12=24 or LL

I’ve got no more info than this. You’d have to reach out to him.

As I looked at the problem myself, the idea of that 250-word max on the points-to-words issue actually sounds necessary. Imagine if you had a very high number such as 130. How many words might add up to precisely 130 points?

Sounds like a great application for IBM Watson.