A little help repopulating toolbox content on window formatter

My computer had some momentary issue and gpf’d. When I restarted CW6.3-9058EE the toolboxes presented on the window formatter are empty. This has happened to me before but a long time ago and I can’t seem to remember how to get the content to be visible again.

I tried to delete some of what I thought were the pertinent entries in C60EE.INI but that didn’t have the desired affect. No affect at all actually.

Could someone be so kind and remind me what the proper approach is to get this back? I made a copy of the INI and could delete the whole thing but that might have some unintended consequence.

Thank you for your time and guidance.
Regards to all,
Doug Selzler

Try to delete C60EE.dat, sometimes it helps.

Thank you for that suggestion. I will keep it in reserve.

Now I have a followup of my own.

After trying a few things, stumbling around really, I quit for the day and powered down.
This morning I opened the program to try again with hopefully a fresh mind to see what I could do. Everything was back to normal! All I did was power down and restart. That was too easy.

Will that always work? If so great, but it seems to me there would be some procedure within the IDE that one could utilize to refresh the presentation. Perhaps a later version has provided such.

Anyway, I am back in business. All is well with the world.
Thanks to you Mike and anybody else who read my post.