!ABCIncludeFile - what are all of things that this controls

The LRM (Language Reference Manual = ClarionHelp.chm)
has an entry [How To Create ABC Compliant Classes]


Yada is called the Family class


  • To be used in an APP the Magic comment, must start at the first column.
    This is required, to use the class via the templates, as in replacing a global class
  • an empty/missing family class apparently means that files (found in the ScanABC folders) will be automatically included in APPs
    ScanABC Folders are set in IDE.Tools.Options.Clarion.ClarionForWindows.Versions.Tab[General]
    in the browse titled “Directories scanned for ABC Classes”
    this data is persisted in \ClarionProperties.xml

The family class is typically used by classes to control compiling (linking) and the dll attribute
ex: when the family is Yada, the following convention is followed (and assumed by the shipping templates)