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Here is a place you can post any Clarion jobs you might have available or perhaps have heard about. Maybe you are looking for work or maybe you have some work that needs doing? Actually, it doesn’t really have to be Clarion specific but I suppose we should try to keep it at least IT related.

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Hi All,

I’m Justin from Sydney. I’ve been a Clarion Developer since the Mid 90s, starting in Clarion 2.1 for DOS. I have spent time working on Web technologies including Java and PHP, but the majority of my experience has been in Clarion. I have used all versions for Windows up to the current Clarion 10, albeit I only recently started dabbling in that.

I have successfully developed apps in Clarion across a variety of different industries, including Retail, Warehousing, Music Publishing, Finance, Telecommunications, and Real Estate.

I am available immediately. Please contact me on [email protected] , or 0426 960 332. If you require either a quality app from scratch, maintenance / enhancements to an existing system, a new website or enhancements to an existing site, please get in contact. I provide quality solutions at a competitive rate.

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