Accept all on window

Hi all

I am struggling with accept all on a window with loads of input fields. Each field has an embedded point on the accept embed.

When ok is pressed the embed points are all run under accept all on enabled or disabled fields.

I know I can stop acceptall processing. With 0(event:acceptall) = 0

But there are loads of embed points and routines. Is there a better way of stopping accept all running at all or stopping it working on certain fields.


To avoid running embed code use:
IF MyWindow{PROP:AcceptAll} = False
My EmbedStuff

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It is also stopped by a SELECT( Any FEQ ) read the Help on SELECT() with no parameters

Since you don’t often know the Window label (wizards use QuickWindow) you can use Zero or TARGET for smaller generic code:

IF ~0{PROP:AcceptAll} THEN
   My EmbedStuff

I use this often, I wish the RTL would add an AcceptAll() function.

If you want to stop accept all for a bunch of controls and don’t want to write the embed code for each one, write a template where you can select the controls you want to bypass accept all logic.

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CHECK and RADIO are included in AcceptAll. They often take some action, like enabling controls, that I do Not want repeated during AcceptAll. If I was making a template I would have a simple way to exclude all Check Boxes.

If this is an ABC app, perhaps you could put some generic code at the top of the TakeAccepted() method.