Accessing TPS files stored on a 2012 server, over the network SLOW!

Hi All,

I have a 2012 server that I have my TPS files on. Its on a D drive. When I access these files over a network, its extremely slow. If I do the same process and its NOT a 2012 server then its fine.

I did a simple test and just looped through a 10mb file in record order, nothing fancy. On the server it takes 1 second. On the client it takes 1 minute 2 seconds. I understand its going to be slower over a network, but this is only an issue when the server is a 2012 server.

Has anyone had this issue with 2012 server and ISAM databases.



Hi Alpesh,

I´m not sure if this helps you, but on a 2012R2 used as terminal server it´s a must!

Check this out:

I hope this settings are saving your life like they saved mine :slight_smile:


Unplug the power from the switch for a minute or so. Sometimes it will help. Check your cable connections, not if they are plugged in, but the connectors. Could it be a faulty netword card. Opportunistic locking is deafult ON on servers and workstations, maybe switch that Off. (I cannot give you advice how :slight_smile: )