Add a PNG or JPG in a Clarion Browse Row

I have used ICONs in Clarion browses for years. But now, I would like to display a JPG or PNG. The first two columns will contain descriptive data. The last column will contain a picture of the item. The row height will be taller than usual to accommodate the image. But, I cannot figure out how to place such an image in a column. Is there a data type for such a task? Sample code?

The goal is to display a larger image than a normal ICON size.


Images of any supported type can be used as parameter of the ICON attributes for controls supporting it and as images displayed in LIST/COMBO controls.

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I agree! Just specify the drawing and the height of the row. And that’s all it takes (in С11.1).


Had no idea you could assign anything other than an ICON to this property in a list control.

one assumes one could map and store a file name in a queue save it to xml say and then create a number to populate in the list at runtime mapped to the image to display…

Thanks for that just shows reading the help carefully is sometimes required although the help does not specific that the LIST control supports this?

It mentions Button, Radio, Check behaviours.

That means this should work?

?ListOfImages{Prop:IconList,1} = ‚Äėdocumentmanager.png‚Äô

will display in a list?

well Icon:Clarion displayed but the PNG did not…

Alexi says any image type should display?


Use some an example program shipping with CW, for example, LibMaker. Replace names of icons i assignments to the PROP:IconList property with names of PNG files. And add these PNG files to the project.

The Invoice example has a Browse with a separate picture for each product. The folder has a 123 JPG’s for each product. That would be good example to copy that Browse and change the picture to be a browse icon.

Thanks for everyone’s help. Per everyone’s suggestions, I have easily displayed differing PNG, JPG, and ICO files in a list box. However, I am having difficulty with sizing the image to fit the display. For example, with a row height of anywhere from 12 to 24, ICO files display properly but are really too small for the task at hand (I tried two different ICO file sizes). If I display a larger JPG or PNG, the image does not resize to fit a 24-row height, nor does it stretch to display the entire image. Are there additional browse attributes to handle this problem? Or can the JPG automatically resize to fit the display area?