Add "FREE Trial" Time Period Logic to New App

I want to add some simple logic or if available, a template that would allow me to set a period of time to let a customer test drive my app before buying. Anyone have experience or know of something available to accomplish this?

Thank you Community!

I think Secwin from Capesoft can help you out with that. @Bruce can tell you more about it

Thank you @urayoan I have Secwin 7, thanks for the heads up reminder. I’ll get on to reading the docs on this and how set that feature on. Appreciate the feedback!

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I think Secwin is probably the way to go but strikes me that AnyScreen could be a good fit here.

Assuming you have an AnyScreen Server licence you could setup a demo system on your server, create a user name and password in NetSetup and give the trial user the URL to access the demo over the internet.

The demo system code is never installed on the trial users system so they can’t try to fool the system.
All data they enter is similarly only on your server so if they want to continue they have to buy.
At any point you can simply delete the system on the server or delete the user
You need an AnyScreen Server subscription and the code needs to be compiled with the latest Clarion 11.1 Builds
Some Clarion features may not be supported depending upon which AnyScreen client you choose. Although if you choose the Windows client then most will be.

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Create a date field in some encrypted setup file, with the value as Zero. The file should not be auto-created. At the initiation of the system update the date of the first run in that field. Keep checking the days used at every run, say 90 days. If today is past 90 days, close the concerned file, delete it, and flash the message that the software has expired. If it is the auto-creating file, this will fail. If you do not delete the file, it may be misused by doing a first run at a some modified post-dated situation.

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As an alternative to time periods, consider limiting the number of records in a couple of files instead.
You need to make the value high enough that real testing can be done, but low enough so that if they find it useful they’ll shell out to remove the limits on the product.


My SuperPasscode templates serve this specific need, along with locking an app to a particular computer or server.


Packer/Encryptors like Enigma Protector add several ways to limit use

  • Date restrictions
  • number of uses
  • minutes of use

FWIW there is a clarion wrapper product to make it easier to work with Enigma
The Enigma Protector Wrapper for Clarion (
There is a discount for EnigmaProtector if you have bought the wrapper

Note: neither of these are my product, and I get no payment from either author

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Thank you Mike, I’ll see if I’ve purchased this template and if so then I’ll incorporate it in my app. I’ll let you know how it goes … Mark