[ADDIN] AboutClarionAddins v2.11

Addin: AboutClarionAddins
Version: 2.11
Date: Monday, 29 July 2013


Information about ClarionAddins, update notification, etc.


Configuration is found in Tools --> Options --> Clarion Addins.


  • Notification when updates of installed addins are available.
  • Installation and updates directly from within the IDE!

Release Notes

Release: 2.11, 29 Jul 2013

CHANGE: Added detection of Clarion 9 and a message to indicated why web-updates are no longer available.

Release: 2.10, 1 Feb 2013

FIX: Bug#56 <http://support.fushnisoft.com/thebuggenie/clarionaddins/issues/56>_ AboutClarionAddins - list doesn’t accept mouse wheel scroll.

Release: 2.9, 14 September 2012

FEATURE: Support for multiple purchase URLs.
FIX: Cleaned up a bunch of exception handling issues.
FIX: Corrected startup message for singular/plural and message now lists which updates are available.
CHANGE: WebClient now uses a timeout.
CHANGE: Grid control updated to 1.4.2

Release: 2.8, 25 June 2012

FEATURE: More debugging output added.

Release: 2.7, 25 June 2012

FEATURE: Dump the update DataTable to a temp file for debugging.

Release: 2.6, 19 June 2012

FEATURE: Show/Hide filter for installed addins. Hide the addins that are already up to date.
FIX: Update URL now includes a date/time parameter to prevent caching by proxies.

Release: 2.5, 7 June 2012

FIX: Catch exception cleanly (and currently silently) if the purchase URL is invalid.

Release: 2.4, 5 June 2012

FIX: Potential exception if common dll has resolved incorrectly on IDE startup

Release: 2.3, 5 June 2012

CHANGE: Clicking on the “Restart to Update” cell will now show a message box with an option to go to the product web page.
FIX: Installation of purchased addins was incorrectly always opening the product page after download was complete!
FIX: Potential hang when opening the updates form if the background worker is still processing an update download.
FEATURE: I have added a button above the grid to open the AddInManger. This is still the only way to uninstall addins and it is convenient to have it available here now.
FEATURE: The addin installation will now attempt to detect manually installed addins and show a warning to the user. Currently the message contains the instructions for fixing this, I will likely change this to open a web page link eventually.

Release: 2.2, 1 June 2012

CHANGE: Configuration section compacted a little.
FEATURE: Check for upates now retireves release notes as well. Currently it doesn’t run async so it does block the UI a little but it shouldn’t take too long on an average connection…’
FEATURE: Row detail expansion bar added. When clicked this shows the release notes.
CHANGE: List now has row hot tracking.
CHANGE: Grid control updated to

Release: 2.1.1, 27 May 2012

FEATURE: You can now use this addin to install and update directly from within the IDE!
FEATURE: [?] button to explain what the icons in the update grid view are for!

Release: 2.0.1, 29 April 2012

CHANGE: Special effects have been removed. While cool, they were kind of annoying after a while :slight_smile:
CHANGE: Great new UI components and layout styles

Release: 1.0.6, 28 March 2012

INFO: Public Release
FEATURE: Cool new About dialog with special effects :slight_smile:
FEATURE: Addin Updates option dialog.

Release: 1.0, 28 March 2012

INFO: Internal Release