Adding a Pop-up RTF field to my Update form

I have an old app which I need to add an RTF Control - “Notes” on Several forms

The forms have a lot of control and not much room
I know I can add a Tab with RTF control but users don’t like the idea

Ideally, I would like to put a Button or better still a simple Text field but with a button
when the button is clicked I would like a pop-up input RTF box for the user to type into

Not been active with Clarion for a couple years
might be simple but I’m getting a total blank on this!
any ideas would be welcome -

I’ve done just this. I have a small text field on the update form for just simple edits, and a button to go to another form for updating with all the buttons. In this case it’s just a window with the string passed as a parameter and returned. the rtf form does no updates to disk.

Hi Sean

“window with the string passed as a parameter and returned”

That’s the bit I couldn’t quite figure out!

I’ve created a Window with a local variable, added the RTF toolbar & Status Bar
but how do I pass my variable?

On the properties of the window you put in the prototype: (string pMyMemo),string
The windows Actions button will now also contain a place to put a return variable.
What I did was in Init , store the incoming variable into the local var for editing. Then depending on Ok or Cancel returned the edited or original version.

In the calling procedure button you just need to place the string in the parameter and return var

I got most of that - well not the Init bit yet

Created a procedure (Window)

For Prototype & Parameter
(string Cal:Description),string (both) > Save
go back in then in Action select my RtnValue

On the Button > Actions
Parameter: Cal:Description
Return Vlue: RtnValue

Compile ERROR - Expected ;

from the source

!!! Generated from procedure template - Window
!!! Window

rtf_Description PROCEDURE (STRING Cal:Description),string

Loc:Description CSTRING(2048) !
RtnValue CSTRING(2048)

what have I missed ?

got it !!
mistake was
(string Cal:Description),string were on both

managed to get working now!

Thanks for your help