Administrative errors for users who do not have Admin rights on workstations

I have an issue while installing the software i developed in the clarion and issue comes up when i install them into Workstations

This is an ongoing issue for users who do not want to give their users administrative rights for the folder on the Server. Either they have to set it to admin rights, non admin users get the error as shown in the screenshot

There are no instructions to pass along to users that are useful, can anyone help with these?


is admin privileges required for running the program or just when installing and registering the products, I assume some type of COM or what ever. from the error message it is a little difficult to tell.

I doubt if it is required to run the application, if it is then I would suggest finding a better product/vendor.

If only needed for installation then require the product to be installed with admin privileges. not difficult and users will typically accept the install requirements and from your message if installed on a server then somebody has the needed privileges. ,