An Early Thanks for Giving

The holiday here in the US is not until next week, but I would like to offer a personal thank you now to all folks here who have kept ClarionHub going and are taking it to a higher level.

As a developer who has long been banished from SV groups for concurring that the company had customer problems due to, ClarionHub has been my primary source of technical support now for several years. So while Dr C Barnes knows I am not a thumbs-up type, his quick responses along with those from ALL the other frequent contributors make ClarionHub indispensable to the community. Efforts to keep discussions focused and generally on track have long been appreciated, but from my bubble in reality, I never before imagined the extent to which those efforts might take.

Cheers to you all.


Agree 100%!

There is a saying in AA: “Thank you for allowing me to be of service”. ClarionHub allows many of us to be of service, and to be assisted in return. Thank you all for being of service and answering my many newbie questions.

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Same this side.
Also using Skype Chat Groups for questions and answers.

Agree 100%.
Thank you very much for the help/assistance/guidance from everyone.