An open Clarion gig on

Hi everyone

New member here. I stumbled upon this community when I’m researching on the Clarion programming lang for a gig looking for Clarion developers, but since I don’t have any Clarion experience at all, I figured I’ll just share the link to the job here and maybe someone with time and experience would be interested.


$15 to $20 per hour (40 hours per week for 8 weeks). Which sounds on the low side, but actually translates into a very healthy amount in a lot of the world.

Apparently the job is to write a functional specification for a clarion legacy program (presumably so a conversion team can do a rewrite, or a testing team can build a proper test suite.)

Its unclear if they have the App files or template set, both of which would make the task easier. But either way it shouldnt be a hard job for even a junior clarion developer.