An unusual Clarion app

I created this video, using a single image (non pre-processed)

My application basically functions as a MIDI instrument that plays the color filter that I wrote. It’s receiving MIDI from a DAW application and responding accordingly.

Camtasia was used for the screen cap.

2 minute video

Spooooky!!! :ghost:

Nice @jslarve!

Are the midi values keyed to specific colour filters or is there a bit of randomness in there?

Have you ever seen what artists like @minxdragon are doing with Machine Learning and such? I have been wondering what a colab with audio would be like.

Thanks Brahn -

There are a few values in there. Some are scrolled incrementally when hit with a particular note. That would contribute to the apparent randomness, even though it isn’t really random. The other notes effect specific bits in the color.

Even though I know what it’s doing and created it, I still get mystified how some of the results happen. One little bit can change the whole appearance, which can be both frustrating and fun.

I am still learning how to play this “instrument”. Some images are more conducive to this than others. It doesn’t always have to do with the quality of the photo. Some look amazing, some look terrible.

Things that tend to look best: Forest, Cloudy skies, Some water shots (not all), animals. People tend to look weird, but sometimes that’s the look you want.

I hadn’t heard of minxdragon before. Thanks for the tip.

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I ran the same script on a different image. Kinda trippy.

Check out this:

:turtle::notes: is a music sequencer inspired by turtle graphics programming.

Cool beans. His scribble audio site is intriguing as well.