ANN: Cue banner

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Edit controls (ENTRY, TEXT, COMBO, SPIN) can be extended to have a ‘cue banner’ (that greyed-out placeholder or explanatory text often seen in text fields).
Cue banner
Cue banner supports Unicode.

Usage in hand-coded project.

Include file:


Declare an instance of TCueBannerMgr class:

cueMgr TCueBannerMgr

After OPEN(Window) add edit control to cue manager, passing control label and cue banner text:

  cueMgr.AddControl(?ENTRY1, 'Enter your name.')

That’s all.

Usage in an application.

  • Register cuebanner.tpl.
  • Add global extension ‘Activate Cue banner’.
  • Add procedure extension ‘Activate Cue banner’ in WINDOW procedure and fill in cue banner text for every edit control.

That’s all.

Demo program

The demo can be downloaded here.


  • CW6 and newer.
  • ABC and Clarion template chain.
  • Windows Vista and newer (I haven’t tested it yet on XP or Win2000).
  • No extra libraries.

Home page

Visit GitHub for details.

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Looks good!
Is your template compatible with Multi-DLL apps?

Yes it is compatible with Multi-DLL apps.

Noticed the Fill from Description button and my thoughts jumped to the 99.99% ignored PROP:Msg in a Status Bar. While I doubt SV would ever do it, re-purposing PROP:Msg as a Cue Banner could be useful.