ANN: Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.05 released!

SDK 1.0.1108.44
WebView2 Runtime 98.0.1108.44 or higher.
Release notes:

CKEditor4 class and template
NEW: HtmlFile property: you can change default html file location.
NEW: ExecCommand method: shortcut for javascript ‘editor1.execCommand’ call.
CHG: GetData(*BLOB)/LoadFile/SaveFile methods now return boolean values.
NEW: CustomScripts method: useful to customize CKEditor definitions.
NEW: OnInstanceReady event: Raised when CKEditor ‘instanceReady’ event is raised.
NEW: OnBeforeCommandExec event: Fired before the command execution when execCommand is called.
NEW: OnAfterCommandExec event: Fired after the command execution when execCommand is called.
NEW: OnDialogShow event: Fired when a dialog is shown.
NEW: OnDialogHide event: Fired when a dialog is hidden.
NEW: OnSetDataCompleted event: Raised when CKEditor ‘setData’ call is completed.

NEW: template prompt “Path to html file”: allows to change default html file location.
NEW: template prompt “Open maximized”.
CHG: template prompt “Data variable” now allows to use the variables not only from Data Schematic pad.

iframe support
NEW: OnFrameCreated event: Raised when a new iframe is created.
NEW: OnFrameDestroyed event: Raised when the iframe is removed or the document containing that iframe is destroyed.
NEW: OnFrameContentLoading event: Raised before any content is loaded.
NEW: OnFrameDOMContentLoaded event: Raised when the initial HTML document has been parsed.
NEW: OnFrameWebMessageStringReceived, OnFrameWebMessageJsonReceived events: Dispatches after web content sends a message to the app host via chrome.webview.postMessage.
NEW: OnFrameScriptResult event: Dispatches when a script has finished and returned a result.

All iframe events are located in Embed Tree under ‘Events (iframe)’ branch.

NEW: TFrameManager class that handles all frame instances.
NEW: GetFrameManager method that returns a TFrameManager instance.
NEW: TClaEdgeFrame class represents an iframe instance and has the methods similar to main edge class: AddDefaultHostObjectToScript, ExecuteScriptAsync, PostWebMessageAsJson, PostWebMessageAsString. The TClaEdgeFrame instance is accessible in generated code in any iframe event procedure.

Navigation ID
Navigation events (OnNavigationStarting, OnContentLoading, OnDOMContentLoaded, OnNavigationCompleted,) now pass the ID of the navigation.

The events OnNavigationStarting and OnFrameNavigationStarting now have AdditionalAllowedFrameAncestors argument that enable developers to provide additional allowed frame ancestors.
The app may set this argument to allow a frame to be embedded by additional ancestors besides what is allowed by http header X-Frame-Options and Content-Security-Policy frame-ancestors directive.

Media API
NEW: IsDocumentPlayingAudio property: Indicates whether any audio output is playing.
NEW: IsMuted property: Indicates whether all audio output from this WebView2 is muted or not.
NEW: OnPlayingAudioStateChanged event: Raised when document starts or stops playing audio, or when the mute state changes.

Download Positioning and Anchoring API

  • Changing the position of the download dialog, relative to the WebView2 bounds. You can anchor the download dialog to the Download button, instead of the default position, which is the top-right corner.
  • Programmatically open and close the default download dialog.
  • Making changes in response to the dialog opening and closing.

NEW: OpenDefaultDownloadDialog method: Open the default download dialog.
NEW: CloseDefaultDownloadDialog method: Close the default download dialog.
NEW: IsDefaultDownloadDialogOpen property: True if the default download dialog is currently open.
NEW: DefaultDownloadDialogMargin property: The default download dialog margin relative to the WebView corner specified by DefaultDownloadDialogCornerAlignment.
NEW: DefaultDownloadDialogCornerAlignment property: The default download dialog corner alignment.
NEW: OnDefaultDownloadDialogOpenChanged event: Raised when the IsDefaultDownloadDialogOpen property changes.

PrintToPdf example notes
Since the signatures of the methods OnNavigationStarting and OnNavigationCompleted have been changed, the derived methods of prn2pdf class must be changed accordingly. See for correct definitions.

CHG: Visible property now read/write (was write only).
FIX: Template support for web controls placed on TAB controls which in turn placed on parent TAB controls.

Two tips were added in the doc.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

Easy Edge (Chromium) is a Clarion wrapper around the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control that enables you to embed web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in your Clarion applications easily. The WebView2 control uses Microsoft Edge (Chromium) as the rendering engine to display the web content in native applications. With WebView2, you may embed web code in different parts of your native application, or build the entire native application within a single WebView.

Key features:

  • Full UNICODE support
  • Execute javascript and get a result
  • CKEditor v4 HTML editor template support
  • File system navigation
  • An access to Chrome DevTools Protocol api (DevTools console)
  • Deploying your application - Besides an usual exe, dll etc files you should ship just 4 small DLLs (330Kb) with your end-user application

Easy Edge (Chromium) is implemented as a set of classes available as full source code, template and .NET assemblies. You can freely distribute your application using our DLLs without any additional costs. After your purchase no additional fees are required for distribution.

For use Easy Edge (Chromium) following is needed:

  • Clarion C6.3 or newer, ABC or Legacy.
  • NET: v4.6.2 or newer

You are able to run Easy Edge (Chromium) applications on the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7 **
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 **

** WebView2 support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 has the same support cycle as Microsoft Edge. For more information, navigate to Microsoft Edge supported Operating Systems.

More info and DEMO at

Cost just $175.

Discounted price for EasyHTML clients!!

After your purchase, no additional fees are required for distribution.

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