ANN: EasyListView ver 1.12 released!

CellEditKeyEngine - an engine that allows you to customize the behavior of arbitrary keys in edit-in-place mode.

NEW: UseCellEditKeyEngine property enables/disables CellEditKeyEngine.
NEW: CellEditTabChangesRows property makes EasyListView change the row being edited when the user presses [Tab] while editing the last editable cell on a row.
NEW: CellEditEnterChangesRows property makes EasyListView try to edit the cell below the cell being edited when the user press [Enter].
NEW: SetCellEditKeyBehaviour method sets the behavior of a given key.
NEW: New template tab “Edit-in-place”.

CHG: In embeds tree all embed points related to EasyListView events moved to “Events” branch. The list of moved embed points:

  • “Cell value changed”
  • “Double click”
  • “Format cell”
  • “Format row”
  • “Group task clicked”
  • “Can drop”
  • “Dropped”
  • “Item checked”
  • “Property changed”
  • “Right click”
  • “Selected row index changed”
  • “Selected row indices changed”
  • “Sort order changed”
  • “Watch control value changed”

*** This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan ***

EasyListView is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET ListView. It makes the ListView easy to use in your Clarion applications and provides some neat extra functionality.

Automatically transforms data source (supports XML files, SQL connections and Clarion Database Drivers) into a fully functional ListView, including automatically sorting and grouping rows.

Supports owner drawing, including rendering animated graphics and images stored in a database.

Supports 5 ListView views (SmallIcon, LargeIcon, List, Tile, Detail).
Supports automatic grouping.
Supports collapsible groups (Vista only).

Columns can be fixed-width, have a minimum and/or maximum width, or be space-filling (Column Widths).

Displays a “list is empty” message when the list is empty (obviously).
Supports alternate rows background colors.
Supports searching (by typing) on any column.
Supports custom formatting of rows.
Easily edit the cell values.
Easily enable drag and drop.

Enable Registration-Free Activation - a mechanism that enables easy deployment of COM components to a machine without the need to register them

Deploying your application - Besides an usual exe, dll etc files you should ship just one small dll (.NET assembly DLL) with your end-user application

More info and demo at

Cost is just $100.

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It’s by far the best browse template for Clarion!
Tnx for the update (works as expected), now it’s almost perfect :wink:

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