Ann: Future of EasyResizeAndSplit for C9.1 and forward

Hi All,

I’m pleased to say that we’ve successfully negotiated with the author of EasyResizeandSplit* and we will be taking over the product. For those awaiting a C9.1 build, we should have something available within the next week or so.

Alas we won’t be able to supply the update for free, however we are hoping to make the price really affordable so that it’s not an unnecessarily expensive path forward. There will be more news on this later in the week as we finalize some of the details.

Taking over this product is slightly more complicated than other products we have
purchased because the project was more orless a joint project between the developer (who owns the code) and IngasoftPlus (who owns the Name, the Docs and the Customer list.) At this stage we have not managed to come to a satisfactory arrangement with IngasoftPlus, and hence we’ll need to create new documentation, change the name and so on. And as I mentioned earlier we don’t have a client list, so it’s not possible to just give all existing users a free copy. (Actually, given that we are
incurring some rather substantial costs here we probably wouldn’t do a free upgrade

In order to expedite a build for folk just wanting a C9.1 build our goal is to make an install as soon as possible, without documentation, and add the documentation for new users as soon as is possible.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


*EasyResizeAndSplit is a
trademark of IngasoftPlus

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