ANN: Hunspell4Clarion Spell Check

Hi All

I’m pleased to announce that Hunspell4Clarion version 3.1 is available and now being sold through

Hunspell is the spell checker of LibreOffice, and Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird,
Google Chrome. We have created clarion Classes and Templates to make using Hunspell as painless as possible.

There have been many fixes and updates from the previous free version.

New in this version:

* Updated the base library to Hunspell 1.7

* Personal Dictionary is now supported

* Included Clarion app to maintain personal Dictionary

* Many bug fixes

Changes and notes for upgrading:

* The dll has changed name from hunspell.dll to hunspell4clarion.dll (This is to reflect the fact that the library has been altered for Clarion usage)

* There is now a requirement for the MS C++ 2015-2019 library to be installed (redistribution library included in files)

The program will be sold at clarionshop for $69 however until the end of November you can use the Promo Code UPGRADE to get all this for only $49


Perfect timing - I’m just looking to add Spell Check into a couple of our apps - just ordered it :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy

Although that also makes me nervous! This is my first 3rd party!!

Sean H

I’m sure it’ll be fine :slight_smile:

All being well, I’ll get to add it to the apps later today / tomorrow.