ANN: IMAGE transformations

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“IMAGE transformations” is a template which adds extra abilities to standard IMAGE control:

  • Zoom in and out (with or without mouse wheel)
  • Rotate by any angle

It uses only regular Windows API functions, no extra libraries.

In the demo program you can try both zooming and rotation features. The demo can be downloaded from
this link: press big green “Code” button and choose “Download ZIP”.

Home page


  • Image zooming.
  • Zoom by mouse wheel (like web browsers do).
  • Image rotation by any angle.


  • Clarion 6.3 and newer.
  • ABC and Legacy template chains.


$50 via PayPal.


Initial release had an issue with zooming < 100%, it’s fixed now.

New release is available for registered users.

In this release:

  • Rotation by mouse wheel.
  • Context menu.
  • More template options.
  • Updated demo program.
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This is a template I am looking for. There is just one feature missing and wonder if you can add it?
I need an additional function to move the image with the mouse pointer once zoomed.

Would it be possible to add that function to the template?

For moving (and resizing) the controls there is another template:

…or do you mean something different?

Short video: zoom & move