ANN: Noyantis Chilkat Communications Library wrapper v5.05 update now available

Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to announce the release of v5.05 of our Chilkat Communications Library wrapper template.

In this build…

  • New SigniFlow Task Class added

  • New Methods added to the following Task classes:-
    MYOB : ‘CheckResponseCode’
    QBO : ‘CheckResponseCode’
    XERO : ‘CheckResponseCode’

  • MYOB Task : API throttling implemented

  • QBO Task : API throttling implemented

  • Xero Task : API throttling implemented

  • Xero Task : Json error result set if Query fails

  • New Methods added to the following Base classes:-
    JsonObject : ‘AddArrayCopyAt’
    JsonObject : ‘AppendArrayCopy’
    JsonObject : ‘UpdateNewArray’

  • New Functionality and supporting Methods added to the MYOB Task classes:-

  • Account
  • Category
  • Currency
  • Customer
  • Item
  • Supplier
  • TaxRate
  • Potential memory leak corrected in:-
  • Currency task class
  • Docusign task class
  • Emails task class
  • Google task class
  • MYOB task class
  • PaySimple
  • QuickBooks task class
  • Thirdlight task class
  • Weather task class
  • Xero task class
  • BUG FIX: ‘SetFromUnixTime’ corrected
  • BUG FIX: ‘SetFromDosDate’ corrected

Updated example applications are included. These include new demos of the SigniFlow Task class.

A demo is available via :-

This update is free to all users who have an Active Maintenance Plan in place.

It can be downloaded via the Products page within the members area of our web site.