ANN: noyantis Template Version Numbering

With the release of the next set of updates imminent, we’re taking the opportunity to change the version numbering of our templates to bring them inline with the version numbering of our applications.

Currently, our template versions have been a mixture of major, minor and beta builds, eg, v4.01g (major 4, minor 01, g beta build)

We’re now moving to a version number that also reflects the release date - so, if we released the products in April 2023, the version would be v23.04.00 - v23 year, 04 month and 00 build within month

Our aim is to make it a little easier to establish if you’re on an old build, but also, when all templates must be updated together, we can simply state “make sure your templates are at least v23.04…”

Hopefully this makes sense to everyone?



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It makes sence, but this scares me: if we released the products in April 2023 - please do!

Hi Peter,

The 23.04 comment was just an example.

Beta builds have already started to go out so a full release will definitely be released very soon - no later than next week.

Thanks, Andy


Hi Andy.

I very much look forward to this, as I get a lot of trouble because the reportcontrol is not able to clear numeric filters, and I would really like to fix this isue for my users :slight_smile: