ANN: noyantis wrapper templates - v5.00 MAJOR updates now available, including new "Helper" template

Hi Everyone,

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of v5.00 of ALL of our templates (v8.00 for G-Calc). These updates mark a new “base” level for all of our templates.

To aid in the setting of common options that currently have to be set in various different places, we’ve created a new “Helper” template.

This template allows you to set all of those common options in just one place - this makes it easy to change a setting on numerous products all at the same time. This is a great enhancement for users who create single exe solutions, and a MASSIVE improvement for those users who create multi-dll solutions.

For example, if you currently have a multi-dll solution made up of 10 apps, and each app makes use of 5 of our Codejock wrapper templates and you wish to change the Codejock OCX version, you currently have to change the version in 50 places - now… its just in 1 place!

The same applies to other settings like Language Files and Theme settings - all in one place - and the changes are automatically applied in all of the apps.

This is the largest update we’ve ever completed to our entire product suite. Not only does it provide the obvious enhancements as stated above, but it also provides us with a new “base” level for our range of products moving forward.

As well as the introduction of the new “Helper” template, and the changes required to make each individual product compatible with it, we’ve also applied some bug fixes and enhancements to the individual products too, which is a bonus because that wasn’t the actual objective in this release.

We’ve also planned some powerful new facilities for each individual products, along with closer integration with other 3rd party products (both noyantis and other vendors) - so watch out for the next version announcements!

Lastly, to ensure our users get the most out of our range of products, we’ve introduced a series of TXA files for you to import and use. At the moment, the TXAs can be manually imported but a new Import Utility is already underway which will make the process easier - plus will include more examples, as requested by our users.

Important Note : Unlike previous updates, you will be required to update ALL of our template products that are used in your solutions to at least the new v5 (v8 for G-Calc). This includes Codejock wrappers, Chilkat wrappers, G-Series templates, HtmlEditor wrapper etc. This is because of the internal changes required in making the products “Helper” compatible.

We outlined the simple steps required to your apps during Monday’s usergroup webinar - a video of which is available here -

The new “Helper” template, along with the other updates are free to all users who have an Active Maintenance Plan in place.

As usual, all of our templates are C6 -> C11 compatible and both ABC / Legacy compatible.

Each product update can can be downloaded via the Products page within the members area of our web site.


Team noyantis


I suppose in version 5 of the CommandBars you also have changed the problems we had (see before) and would be released in July 2020?

Hi Rob,

I will check for you.

The main purpose of the v5 upgrade is to make all of the products compatible with the new “Helper” template. That said, some of the updates that were already in progress / completed did get includes, for example - enhanced Drag n Drop in the ReportControl template etc.

I will check on the status of the CommandBars specific upgrades - I do know some of the major updates and optimizations that were being developed did not go into this build because they were not finished in time. The good news is that the CommandBars is the next product update to be released.