ANN: Web Sockets v1.01

Web Socket Server and Client implemented in C# and Clarion for the modern version 13 of the WebSocket protocol.

In this release:

  • Enhanced memory consumption handling.

This release is free of charge for all registered users.


What’s considered a “registered user”?

A registered user is a user who has paid for the product.

Oh sorry, I did not notice this was an update :rofl:

I was looking for ways to incorporate websockets to get a realtime connection between a client and server - it only needs to be one way, so from server to client - so I could use SSE (Server Sent Events) - but I couldn’t find anything about this in the Clarion community

Available on Clarionshop now.

Nettalk supports Web sockets. If you only need the client side then Nettalk desktop. If you need both sides then Nettalk server.