ANN: Wheel Constraint

If a list control (or combobox) has a focus, the user can scroll it with the wheel, even if the mouse cursor is outside the list.
This behavior can be confusing.

Wheel Constraint is a template which allows to scroll list by the wheel only if the mouse is over the list.

Price: $50.

Hey Mike
Did you figure out a way to determine if the list of a drop combo is currently visible?

Where is it for sale? At ClarionShop?

No, PayPal only: my account [email protected] or direct link.

Well, here is the demo:

I can’t tell from that demo
I’m asking not because I want mouse control
I’m asking for other programming reasons

have you figured out how to determine when a Drop Combo Listbox is visible

I don’t know why I should to figure out combo list visibility in this particular task, but I know how to do it, yes.

can you please tell me how to do determine if the combo drop list is visible

Sure I can, $50 via PayPal.

Mark, does a PROP:Dropped (or something like that) not work on a Combo?

Hopefully, this is in jest. Hard for me to imagine a refusal to respond to Mark who has provided so much help in this group over the years.

OTOH, if Mike says he knows the answer, it would be worth the $50. A few folks on Skype were trying everything we could think of, but no cigar.

And other than that, this is a product announcement thread on a completely unrelated topic by a nice guy trying to make a living, but then came the wet blanket :slight_smile:

I agree and should apologize for not keeping in mind the product announcement thread when jumping in. I’d certainly be happy to read/hear a discussion of Mark’s question in any appropriate thread.

Mike - thank you for responding, while I get we all need to earn a living, it just wasn’t the reply I was expecting.

Answer found - see my new post in
Is a COMBO Dropped? - ClarionHub

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No problem Mark, you just pissed me off :slight_smile: