ANN: XEdit - edit controls extender

Single line edit controls (ENTRY, COMBO, SPIN) can have 2 additional visual elements: ClearText Cross and Password Eye.

  • ClearText Cross removes entered text.
    ClearText Cross
  • Password Eye toggles password visibility.
    Password Eye 1
    Password Eye 2

This package contains a set of classes and a template.
It is fully compatible with Cue banner.

Usage in an application

  • Register xedit.tpl.
  • Add global extension ‘Activate XEdit - Edit controls extender’.

That’s all.

Usage in hand-coded project

Include file:


Declare an instance of TXEditMgr class:

xedtMgr  TXEditMgr

After OPEN(Window) add edit controls to the manager, passing control label:


That’s all.

Demo program

The demo can be downloaded here.


  • Clarion versions: C8…C11. C6.x is not supported.
  • Template chains: ABC, Clarion.
  • Multi dll apps supported.
  • Windows versions: Vista…Windows 10. XP is not supported.

Home page


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[email protected]

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Hi Mike -
What determines whether you get an “X” or an eye?
What if you want both?

Thank you.

Hi Jeff,

there is a flag that determines whether an entry with prop:password will display an eye or both.

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