ANN: XPOST: ReportControl wrapper v4.16 major update now available

We’re pleased to announce the release of v4.16 of our ReportControl (List) wrapper template. This is considered a major update to the ReportControl wrapper which includes several new features, key component enhancements and of course, bug fixes - not to be missed!

In this build…

  • Column initialization has been greatly optimized.
  • Columns are now created in less than half the original creation time.
  • New ‘Auto’ mode added to Inline Filters + Searches.
  • Wildcards can now be accepted to control the mode at runtime - per column. eg:-
  • ‘RE:*’ - Column contents that ‘Starts With’
  • ‘*mail’ - Column contents that ‘Ends With’
  • ‘* attend *’ - Column contents that ‘Contains’
  • ‘John’ - Column contents that ‘Matches’
  • Integration between ReportControl and Clarion browse when using the BrowseEnhancer extension has been greatly improved with both speed and stability enhancements.

  • New Control: Grouping control template added.

  • New Feature: ‘Reset Fields’ facility added.

  • New Feature: ‘FindBlocks’ facility added.

  • New Feature: ‘Undo Manager’ facility added.

  • Visual Cursor and Control facility added to ‘Data Loading’

  • Colors within InLine Filter / Search controls can now be optional variables.

  • Additional ‘Error Checking’ added to Save / Restore.

  • ‘RefreshContents’ method now derivable.

  • ‘ProcessDependentButtons’ method now derivable.

  • 24 New Methods:-

  • ‘DeleteDependentButton’
  • ‘FindBlocks’
  • ‘FocusChanging’
  • ‘GetColumnIndex’
  • ‘GetGroupBoxOnDisplay’
  • ‘GetSelectedColumnID’
  • ‘SetGroupCtrl’
  • ‘SetColumnSelected’
  • ‘List_CheckBusy’
  • ‘List_Resize’
  • ‘List_ScrollBottom’
  • ‘List_ScrollDown’
  • ‘List_ScrollPageDown’
  • ‘List_ScrollPageUp’
  • ‘List_ScrollTop’
  • ‘List_ScrollUp’
  • ‘List_SelectRow’
  • ‘SetRowCellSelected’
  • ‘SetColumnPropertiesFromQ’
  • ‘UndoManager_Clear’
  • ‘UndoManager_EndGroup’
  • ‘UndoManager_Redo’
  • ‘UndoManager_StartGroup’
  • ‘UndoManager_Undo’
  • Method Parameter Added: ‘SelectRow’

  • Method Removed: ‘List_GetScrollRequests’

  • Method Removed: ‘List_ProcessScroll’

  • BUG FIX: Horizontal scroll via keypress corrected when using Browse Enhancer.

  • BUG FIX: Record buffer not clearing before file load.

  • BUG FIX: Higher Range Limits ignored during fileload.

  • BUG FIX: InLine button sync corrected for LEGACY.

This update is free to all users who have an Active Maintenance Plan in place.

It can be downloaded via the Products page within the members area of our web site.


Team noyantis