Another free listformatter as tpl

Hi Clarioneers,

I made a second free listformatter. This time the technique is different (i looked at the ado browse template). Right Clicking on the header will show:

  • Works with Clarion 6 to 10
  • The list layout is stored (as small as possible) into a ini file. If you want to save different layouts for every user save a different ini for each.
  • Column width will always be saved and it’s possible to hide and move columns
  • The first column (in my case often used for tagging) is excluded
  • Any original groupheader won’t be shown
  • It uses a prealert mousright key on the listheader to show the popup menu.
  • Tips are welcome (I had no template experience)
    (disabeling the sortheader (+/-) would be nice and sometimes the rightborder isn’t refreshed nice). (5,9 KB)

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