ANY Screen Testing

Testing - ANYSCREEN.

1 - List box with no data source on an MDI Window.
- browser window fails to open and browser freezes.

I don’t believe MDI is supported. Try removing the attribute. Also, don’t forget to manually delete the cache files.

We have several hundred MDI windows in our working AnyScreen app - so it’s not that.

Steve what do you mean by ‘no data source’ ?

Best place to ask would be on the new sv.clarion.anyscreen newsgroup but you’ll need to provide more details.

well what ever they changed between versions.

its where you declare a list control with from(’’)

far to busy to get online to those forums at the moment.

its used to even allow for a runtime clarion list control creation. what ever they changed has broken it.

we prefer to post here as it turns up in outlook , the forums just seem an ancient technology.

Whoa! Very surprised to learn that. I will have to test again as I am fairly certain that was one of the first changes I had to make when AnyScreen was first released.

You say working app, Graham? Can I assume combo controls are not involved since that is still an acknowledged bug as far as I know?

The forums may be old technology but as it’s the place where the developers of AnyScreen hang out and respond to posts you’d be crazy not to at least log in and take a look.

Changing the from attribute in code where the from is a string eg ‘One|Two|Three’ has a bug at the moment which has been fixed for the next build.
You can work around it be assigning a dummy queue to the from attribute and then changing it back to to string eg

Q QUEUE !Dummy Queue

         ?list{PROP:From} = Q
         ?list{PROP:From} = 'Four|Five|Six'

Workaround found by Jeff Slarve

I’m not sure we use many combo controls and as yet we’ve not checked every screen in the set of programs.

But MDI windows are not a problem.
Working both in IDE and on an AnyScreen server

What version C11? Curious if you must manually delete cache files when testing in the IDE in order to actually see results of code changes.

My apologies if this is a repeat of AnyScreen forum news. Just trying to catch up to what is current since SV does not permit me to participate there.

yes we noticed the cache files need deleting. Looks like a nice product once the issues have been worked through. we have tested dummy queues, we have tested runtime queues created at runtime… all failed… we will keep testing. we are very very practised at testing.

"crazy not to at least log in "

yes we are crazy… someone close down those forums…

and someone bail out SV… im mean if it was a company covered by crammer i hate to think how loud he would get…

More like drunk uncle

im only joking … a bit… i stopped using those old style forums over 10 years ago… cant we have something new and shiny … this will do and it has colors! icons and images and turns up in my outlook email on any device…

Any December build release rumours?

No we keep being told to be patient by the guys at Ris.
Haven’t heard from SoftVelocity for almost 3 months - it’s not supposed to be a 3rd Party product but seems to work like that :unamused:

Appreciate the update. I maintain faith in the folks at Ris. Wouldn’t expect anything different from SV.

fyi, the subject of MDI windows is the 3rd question in the FAQ at