Any skin add-ins you'd recommend?

I’m only recently getting back into Clarion after buying a C11 sub a while ago. (I’m half remembering stuff from the 90s.)

The App Generator turns out the basic code I’m after, but it looks, how can I put this, very Windows 2000.

Are there any add-ins you’d recommend refreshing the look with the minimum effort Clarion attracted me with all those years ago?


We offer a couple of solutions…

A SkinFramework wrapper template for the Codejock.SkinFtamework control. This allows you to apply Microsoft style files to your app in less than 5 mins.

Or, our G-Visuals clarion template / class allows you to enhance the UI of your clarion windows via your own created styles, plus includes loads of other tools like enhanced entries, language translation, anchors, wizard buttons and finally a replacement to clarions Combo control - our ComboLookup.

A new demo app for this is ready but not uploaded yet, but I can post it here / email it to you if you like?



PS, all our product are C6 - c11.1 ABC + Legacy compatible

Capesoft have a product called Makeover that changes the look app wide.

Thank you to you both.

I will take a look at each.

I use a combination of things to make apps look better. Ultimately there are a few things we can’t (easily) control, but there are simple things you can do to make your app look much more up to date;

a) Gather to yourself a decent set of icons. By decent I mean consistent, using a color palette that you like. I use a combination of Metro Studio, and Axialis to create my icons. I did a webinar on the techniques (Episodes) and I’m certainly no graphic artist. This probably takes a day or so to do, but you can re-use icons across multiple projects.

b) Make sure your windows are using a modern font - Segoe UI, 10 point, is the current font of choice. Edit clarion\libsrc\win\Defaults.Clw to make it faster when you create new screens. I have a lot of existing windows I’m too lazy to change, so I use AnyFont (CapeSoft AnyFont) to allow the font to be set at runtime. This also makes it easier to change when a new “modern font” comes along.

c) Makeover (CapeSoft Makeover) allows me to set window properties, again at runtime. Back in the day the styles were very colourful - these days the look is much softer - personally I use the “white” theme at the moment, which among other things turns off the grey background. Ash is another good theme.

d) I’ve also gotten into the habit of changing Menus into Command Bars. This is just a toolbar with a sheet-control, with each Tab acting as a “menu” with buttons on the tab. An example screenshot is here (

I’m pretty lazy, so you’ll notice these are all “one and done” interventions. Most take a few minutes to implement - you can pretty much make any app look better in about a day (if you don’t have the icon set already to hand.)



Thanks again. I’ve placed an order for Capesoft Makeover. Got the first email acknowledging it and eagerly waiting for the email to tell me the order has been processed.

Don’t know if I’m just impatient, but I was hoping for a download and then being emailed a licence key within a few minutes after payment was made. But as a Secwin user from back in the day, I think it was Secwin 2, it’s a brand I recognise and associate with quality so I hope it’s worth the wait. :slight_smile:

Hi Al,
We process orders manually, so Susanne will process it first thing Monday (our time).
This is because of credit-card fraud, we regularly get orders using stolen credit cards, so all orders are checked by a human before processing.

thanks for your patience.


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Thanks for letting me know.

Really liking Makeover by Capesoft.

Dead easy to use.