Anyone else have a Clarion Certified Developer certificate?

this is the only credential I have on my wall at work (apart from my GED cert)
Yah the gold thingie moved to the right, don’t blame it


No. But I wish I had!

I got one too. Can’t find it though.

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Curious how one met “the standards of proficiency?”

Thrre was a written exam. Took place at the Devcon 99 as i recall. In Fort Laurderdale.

I think (but only half sure) it was optional at thevend of the official courses that Russ and Gus ran when working at TopSpeed.

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No memory of this, but I always find this type of Clarion sideline activity interesting for the history.

I have certificate #1. :slight_smile: The Clarion certification was developed independently with a group of about seven developers. It was kicked off with a 3 day training session (Clarion Certification Conference) held in Minnesota. The materials were loosely based on Randy Goodhew’s book, the Clarion Companion. The certification test was largely based on application of concepts, not memorization of UI flow which was typical of Microsoft Certifications at the time. Topspeed took over the program, tweaked it, and had a few certification training sessions and tests after that. I think a few hundred developers eventually got certified.


I presented the template portion of that Minnesota course, and I think I have certificate #2, although I can’t find it at the moment. :smiley:


I was a member of TTS, I didn’t NEED a piece of paper to know that I knew what was, er, is, er, whatever! :rofl: :joy:

Update: Now that I think about it, that DID include a piece of paper… never mind! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I was fortunate to get one at the first Deccon it was offered at.

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