Anyone ported Keytap to Clarion ? An audio keyboard click spy

I see its C++ and some .h files are included so I wondered if anyone had ported this to Clarion?

GitHub - ggerganov/kbd-audio: :microphone::keyboard: Acoustic keyboard eavesdropping

Keytap3 you can run by visiting the webpage on your mobile phone browser and just place your mobile next to your keyboard.

If someone has ported this to Clarion, whats the best way to pull a browser up and get it to analyse the sound from youtube links like this? ClarionLive! 638 - Bruce Johnson - CapeSoft MaxQueue Release! - YouTube

I wondered how accurate it could be and could it be built into a nettalk webserver for additional security to pass the I’m not a Robot test ie to ensure someone is human.


Edit. There are some C libraries here which might be of use.
GitHub - tezc/sc: Common libraries and data structures for C.

I’m not into my licences so I dont know what the BSD licence is like.