AnyScreen 2.0 - from 11.1.13788 IDE

I am attempting to run my suite of test apps w/ AnyScreen 2.0 from the 13788 IDE.

If running using the Win Client, an error message states that the Clal2Pdf.dll is missing. However, this file (9/24/21 8:43AM) is clearly in BOTH the Bin folder and the folder into which all exe & dll are generated.
Any suggestions as where else the file should be found?

Still not usable for me. At least 3 of my bug reports that are commented as fixed still show problems.
Most significant - enter a value (price) in an entry field and upon tab to next field, the value reverts to zero. Makes showing a quantity * price line subtotal very difficult.

The templates must not be adding that DLL so you’ll have to add it to the project as a file to get copied to the project folder.

It IS in the project folder along with all the other ClaXXX.dll files. For this simple, handcoded, 2 procedure testing, the project folder also gets the generated exe.

Maybe in the Client folders under D:\Clarion11.1\bin\Addins\Misc\AnyScreen\AnyScreenClient

That’s where I see AnyScreenPDF.dll

FWIW comparing the new 11.1 the AnyScreen.TPL did change for DLLs and add the ClaI2Pdf.dll but Commented out the AnyScreenPDF.DLL (note you had L2 but it’s I2 Pdf.dll )

Maybe you have an obsolete AnyScreen.DLL that you should delete and let the one from Client folder be used?

Will check again, but all looked to be the same date as the v13788 install.